Phil Gungor

Phillip Gungor is an international marriage speaker as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Laugh Your Way America. Over the past 13 years Phil has worked with his father, Mark Gungor, to inspire and strengthen  thousands of marriages and families all around the world. 

Phil is on a mission to help married couples learn how to succeed. He believes the key to finding that success is by learning how to do the “right” things in your marriage. With    truth and humor approach Phil uses comedy as well as unforgettable illustrations to teach proven principles that are guaranteed to strengthen any marriage. 

In addition to working for Laugh Your Way America Phil is an associate pastor and board member of Celebration Church located in Wisconsin. Phil has been married to his wife Kirsty for 16 years, and they have four children ranging from three years old to eleven.

We do not currently have any tours for Phil Gungor.